Jambands Ruined My Life

by The Mantras

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The Mantras' fourth studio release, Jambands Ruined My Life, is a snapshot of a band on the rise. Recorded almost a year ago, Jambands Ruined My Life captures The Mantras in the middle of their growth into the progressive powerhouse that is touring the country today. Jambands Ruined My Life shows The Mantras’ ability to play with funk and jazz improvisation, live electronica, Middle Eastern, and progressive rock and blend it all seamlessly into the band’s funky, energetic, and confident sound.

A line-up change and family issues had The Mantras reeling in 2011 and 2012. This album allows the listener to hear the honesty of artists experiencing life and all it brings, expected or not. With Jambands Ruined My Life, The Mantras have taken these experiences and turned them into emotional, heartfelt music. The Mantras set out to release an album that is tight and expertly produced, while also showcasing the human side of music. This is something that is getting harder to come by, as computers appear to increasingly take over the music industry. For fans of bands that have made performing on their instruments a central part of their sound, this album leaves the listener relieved that improvisational, progressive rock with minimal computer automation is alive and well in America.

'Jambands Ruined My Life' was recorded and produced at Jake Cinninger’s Boondock Studios in Michigan by the band's full time sound engineer Matt Gordon, with help from Jake as a guest producer and engineer. Jake is also a featured guitarist on 'Kinetic Bump' and 'House of Cards'.


released 22 January 2013

Jambands Ruined My Life by The Mantras

Before My Time
Kinetic Bump
House Of Cards
Water Song
After Awhile Crocodile
Dr. Ssanasinod
Man You Rawk

Brent Vaughn – Percussion and Backing Vocals
Brian Tyndall – Bass Guitar, Bass Synthesizer, and Moog Taurus 3 pedals
Keith Allen – Electric Guitars, Acoustic Guitar, Moog Guitar, and Lead Vocals
Justin Loew – Drums
Justin W Powell – Piano, Rhodes, Hammond organ, Synthesizers, Backing Vocals

Jake Cinninger plays Guitar on Kinetic Bump and House of Cards

Marcus Horth plays sitar on Man you Rawk!

The Mantras use Heil Sound microphones

Keith Allen uses Becker, Lado, and Aria Pro Guitars, Oldfield amplifiers, and Electro Harmonix pedals, and ToneMonk pedals

Brian Tyndall uses Tobias Basses, and Moog pedals

All Songs written by The Mantras except:

JBRML: composed and performed by Keith Allen

Dr Ssanasinod: Composed by Jordan Klemons (BMI), Arranged by The Mantras, used by permission

Water Song: Composed by Jordan Klemons (BMI), Arranged by The Mantras, used by permission

After Awhile Crocodile: composed by The Mantras and Marcus Horth (ASCAP), Arranged by The Mantras, used by permission

Man You Rawk: composed by The Mantras and Marcus Horth (ASCAP), Arranged by The Mantras, used by permission

Recorded and mixed at Boondock Studios - Niles, MI

Engineered by Matt Gordon, Jim Leep, and Jake Cinninger

Mixed and Mastered by Matt Gordon and Jim Leep

Produced by The Mantras, Jim Leep, Craig Cinninger, and Jake Cinninger

Front Cover Art by Josh Lambros

Back Cover Art by Drew De Porter

Graphic Design by Drew De Porter

Booking inquiries contact Matt Kolinski at Hoplite Music – matt@hoplitemusic.com

Copyright 2013 - The Mantras LLC, all rights reserved

From the bottom of our hearts The Mantras would like to thank The Universe and all that’s good in it, Katie Allen, Tiffany Powell, Brianna Taylor, Carrie Collins, The Powells, The Allens, The Tyndalls, The Loews, The Vaughns, The Lambs, The Griswolds, Vickey and Nick Kottyan, Mark Gordon, Chris Cate and Tom Baggott and all at Hoplite Music, Desmond Sheridan, Leo Kishore, Marcus Horth, Lindsay Harris, Dustin Klein, Drew De Porter, Berkeley Dent, John Church and Heady Entertainment, Kenn Mogel, Paul Oldfield, Bill Steele, Nimbleslick Entertainment, Jordan Klemons, Chris and Candy Adams, TJ Foy, Jake - Craig - and Julie Cinninger, Chris Mitchell, Joel Cummins, Vince Iwinski, Jim Leep, Daniel Rucinski, John Wasem, Brian ‘Uncle Lou’ Smith, Randall Oates, Emily Jones, Brian Gerner, Scott Todd, Jeremy ‘Space Jesus’ Fountain, Brad Kohler, Pavel Wlosok, David McCracken, Kofi Burbridge, Jeff Sipe, Count M’butu, Owen Gray, Brook Jones, Glen Alister, Dennis Beverage, Doc – Danny - and The Blind Tiger family, The Whiskey, Jim and Jen Fowler (and family), Joel Hudson, Brian Busick, Lee Crumpton, Joel Keefer, Trevor and Sherry Reynolds, Pepe Fabulous (and family), Jake's Billiards, Chris Malarkey, Umphrey’s McGee, Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band, Dopapod, ZOOGMA, Strange Arrangement, Digital Tape Machine, Perpetual Groove, UV Hippo, Vertigo Jazz Project, Imperial Blend, ESP, The Family, Native Sway, Big Something, The New Familiars, Josh Blake and GFE, Phish, The Grateful Dead, MMW, John Scofield, Les Claypool, Widespread Panic, The Allman Brothers Band, Moe., Derek Trucks Band, RAQ, The Breakfast, Kung Fu, and ALL of the bands that ‘jam’; thank you for ‘ruining’ our lives. We wouldn’t have it any other way. Please share this album with others and most of all, thank you! The Mantras <3 you.



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Track Name: Dr. Ssanasinod
He grew up by himself,
He never had a friend to call up on the phone,
He never played a sport,
Except for ping pong and he played it all alone,
But he grew up smart,
And he grew up mad,
His laboratory was all he had

Dr. Ssanas...
Dr. Ssanas...
Dr. Ssanasinod

He built his killing machines,
With Frankensteinic brains inside of them,
Then brought them to life with lightning,
And they'd bow down and worship him
But he's a lonely guy,
He's a lonely man,
Robots aren't friends not even to him,

Dr. Ssanas...
Dr. Ssanas...
Dr. Ssanasinod

Jerry was a robot,
That Ssanasinod had brought to life
Short circuit in his main frame,
Sent Jerry after doc with a kitchen knife,
With a kitchen knife
So now the doctors dead,
And so are we,
Without him to control them,
The robots will roam free